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Residential Home  Window Tinting

Ultravision 50
Front Home Windows
Ballantyne Country Club Home
Firethorne Home
All Front Home Windows
Lake Norman Waterfront Home
With & Without Tint from Inside
Interior View
Providence Downs Home
Interior view of dining room
Interior Patio Doors


Residential Window Tinting:


Reduce harmful ultraviolet rays and protect Wood Floors, Carpet, Furniture, Paintings, Etc., from sun damage. Fading of wood floors, carpet & area rugs from the sun is one of the most common flooring problems. Bright colored furniture upholstery can be quickly damaged from the harmful sun rays as well.


All of our Residential Window Films offer 99% Ultra-Violet Ray Protection. Most films are designed with a neutral appearance, sometimes so subtle people will not even know you tinted your windows! From Light to Dark, SunTech Technicians will help you pick the perfect shade & color for your home. 

Most of our films will give you 60% Heat Reduction! During the Summer, this will help your home STAY COOLER & use LESS ELECTRICITY, because your Air Conditioner is not struggling to maintain a low temperature as much. Here in the Carolinas we have very strong sun year-round, and Window Tinting For Your Home Can Reduce Your Cooling Bills Up To 25%! This means most Residential Window Tinting On Problem Homes can PAY FOR IT SELF in as short as 2 to 3 Years! *


Adding Window Tinting to your home’s windows creates a Clean Look, and gives protection without creating a “Dark or Closed off” feeling. BLOCK THE HEAT & GLARE- NOT YOUR VIEW! This is a better option than even window blinds, and much easier to keep clean. 




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