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Light Filtering or Blocking

    Solar Shades can be a great choice for your Home or Business. Solar Shades: REDUCE HEAT, GLARE, UV RAYS & MAINTAIN VISIBILTY OUTSIDE. These shades also give you a clean modern look, and are available in many colors & "openess/darkness" levels.


   These shades are available in a range of screen openness factors, allowing you to choose how much light control you desire.  Solar window shades are the perfect choice for windows with a view.  They reduce glare and improve energy efficiency by limiting solar heat gain and, also block harmful UV rays.  They look great in any home or business!


UV protection

Because they substantially block UV rays, these shades will help reduce the fading of furniture, carpet and other decor, and keep you and your family safe from prolonged UV sun exposure in your home while still preserving your view to the outside.

Screen Openness

Solar window screens are designed to block sunlight, and are available in screen openness factors from 3% to 14%.  The smaller the number, the less 'open' the screen is. The "percentage number" is the amount of direct light coming through the screen- So the lower the number, the more light they block, and the higher the number, the greater the visibility outside.


Solar shades for windows are offered in a surprising range of colors and fabrics.  Choose from numerous colors as well as stripes, patterns and weaves. Samples are available to see on request.


Solar shades are available in different "Control" options: Manual with a side mounted roller chain, manual cordless, and even motorized with a remote control!  Consider cordless shades if you have small children in your home, as dangling cords can be dangerous.  Plus, cordless shades offer a cleaner, uncluttered look.  Motorized options provide the ultimate in convenience and are especially useful for high or hard to reach windows. Standard "Corded" with roller chain is the most widely used, and most economical.

Energy efficient

Indoor sun shades are made from a mesh material that very effectively reduces the absorption of heat through the window.  They absorb and reflect solar heat before it actually enters the window.  So, by limiting solar heat gain, these modern solar window shades are very energy efficient and will help to lower your utility bills.  Similar to Window Tinting, they are beneficial in both the summer and winter.  In the summer, they limit solar heat gain and in the winter, they help prevent radiant heat from escaping to the outside. *Use both Window Tinting & Solor Shades to get maximum heat reductions, and for the greatest utility savings!




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